I am a Product Manager.

I am Chris Scholtens, a Director of Product Management from Madison, Wisconsin. I have experience leading multiple product teams, I am Master Certified in User Experience from Nielsen Norman Group, am a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies from the International Association of Accessibility Practitioners, and have expertise in creating and delivering delightful user experiences and products accessible to all. I come from a background in product and user experience design.

I love to design and build useful, accessible things because a simple, easy-to-use website or application can be a beautiful, engaging experience that brings joy and satisfaction to a user.

Understanding what users want and need helps in creating a website or application they actually want to use, which leads to increased engagement, satisfied users, uncovering and solving new problems proactively, and ultimately, building a culture of independence and success for users.

I also have a passion for building understanding between the business needs and stakeholders, the technical needs and employees, and the customer needs of a product, cultivated over years of product management. Building a great product is essential, but so is being able to get that product to market.